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Khukuri House Handicraft Industry (KHHI), Nepal

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Traditional_Panawal (FFT)
Panawal Special (McCoy)


US$ 74.99  Enlarge

Mini Panawal (Perfect)


US$ 50.99  59.99  Enlarge

Panawal Dotted (Supreme)


US$ 69.99  Enlarge

12" Sirupana (Sassy)


US$ 79.99  Enlarge

Jungle Panawal (Better)


US$ 55.25  64.99  Enlarge

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Khukuri - Paper Kukri (Cute)

Paper Kukri (Cute)

Used as letter opener or paper cutter, an ingredient for your office desktop..
Price : US$ 19.99
Khukuri - Gurkha Combat (Loyal)_DPT

Gurkha Combat (Loyal)_DPT

A Gurkha’s first choice when his duty calls upon him to serve and protect..
Price : US$ 77.99
Khukuri - 12

12" SiruPana (Sassy)

A khukri made for play and display; one that can be used hard and can also be exhibited at the same time..

Price : US$ 79.99
Khukuri - 3 Chirra SPL (Guardian Angel)

3 Chirra SPL (Guardian Angel)

Embraces all that is required to serve and deliver the ultimate satisfaction to any user giving a complete value of money, time and effort..

Price : US$ 109.99
Khukuri - Chitlange (Superior)_DPT

Chitlange (Superior)_DPT

Price Incl. SHIPPING:: The newer, nicer, better and superior version of the Chainpures.. 

Price : US$ 88.20 97.99
Khukuri - Dhankute White (Endangered)

Dhankute White (Endangered)

A very special, rare and expensive knife; a collector’s dream come true, an ideal gift and a perfect piece to decorate a space..
Price : US$ 124.99
Khukuri - 15

15" Defender (Guard)

Is actually the merging of two “Dessert Operation” kukris, the OIFK (Iraq) and OEFK (Afghanistan)..
Price : US$ 119.99
Khukuri - KHHI Marshal (Water-Proof)_DPT

KHHI Marshal (Water-Proof)_DPT

Price Incl. Shipping:: now with KYDEX sheath (water proof); the unique and extra-ordinary feature of this knife is the "Solid Rubber Handle"; never
Price : US$ 108.01 119.99
Khukuri - Khurmi (Ladyx Version)

Khurmi (Ladyx Version)

The history and significance of the “Khurmi” dates back many decades to when it was first picked up by village women to easily accomplish their daily domestic work..

Price : US$ 54.99
Khukuri - Xtrema Militia (Combatant)

Xtrema Militia (Combatant)

now with KYDEX sheath; targeted for foot soldiers in frontiers to serve military mission, operation, execution and even exercises..

Price : US$ 109.99
Khukuri - Nepal Army Ceremonial (Parade Knife)

Nepal Army Ceremonial (Parade Knife)

Worn only in special parade (the kukri drill) when high rank officers and VIP dignitaries attend to observe the occasion..

Price : US$ 56.99
Khukuri - 3 Chirra (the Beast)

3 Chirra (the Beast)

A deadly looking kukri, a beast like character that would mercilessly torn it’s prey into pieces..
Price : US$ 99.99


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